5 typical Indonesian batik motifs

Batik is a pictorial fabric that is typical of Indonesia. There are various kinds of batik motifs from various regions in Indonesia. Even in one area there are many different motives. As in Solo, which is one of the producing cities, there are a variety of batik motifs with different meanings.
Many people make batik for everyday clothing or for more formal events, such as wedding events or for work clothes. Hence, batik cloth is well suited to be used as souvenirs for friends or relatives in your city. But, not many people know the meaning of every batik cloth motif. So, for you who are going on vacation to Solo, you can read the meaning of some of these batik motifs before you buy batik for souvenirs so that it can be tailored to the needs of friends or relatives.

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This batik cloth is named kawung batik because its motif is round shaped rather oval like kawung. For those of you who don’t know, kawung is a kind of coconut or often called the fruit and fro. This kawung motif is arranged geometrically and is parallel like a lotus with four petals. The Javanese interpret lotus as a symbol of purity and long life. In the past, this batik motif was only used by office employees. Now many people from all walks of life wear batik cloth for daily wear.


From reliable sources say that the machete batik motif is the oldest batik motif in Indonesia. Machete motifs such as the arrangement of the letter S which are intertwined from high to low and form diagonal lines. This batik motif is given the name of a machete derived from the word ‘pereng’ which means ‘slope’. The S motif is a braid that symbolizes continuity. Whereas the letter S motif itself was taken from the waves which for the Javanese symbolized a spirit that never subsided. In the past, machete batik was used by warriors who would go to war in the hope of returning home to victory. Now, you can see the machete batik cloth that is used as a variety of clothing everywhere. You can give this cloth as a gift to encourage your friends who are struggling to achieve their goals.


The word truntum comes from the term terumum, which means to grow again. So, this cloth symbolizes the blossoming again. Not only for those who are dating, but also for those who are already married. In addition, the word truntum also has the meaning of guide and example. The ones who wear this cloth are usually the parents at their children’s wedding, which are expected to be a good role model for their children.
This fabric is usually black basic. Above, there are small scattered flower motifs resembling Jasmine flowers. Fabric with this motif is already very popular in Java, especially in Solo, which is the city of origin of this fabric. Now, many make this cloth as a shirt or skirt for women. This fabric is perfect if you give it to a friend or relative of your woman who is just engaged, or married.


The Sidomukti batik motif is also a very popular batik motif and is easy to find because of its popularity. Usually used by the bride and groom at a traditional Javanese wedding, especially for the people of Solo.
The word Sidomukti comes from the word sido, which means to be continuous and continuous, and from the word mukti which means a prosperous and prosperous life. Therefore, the bride and groom wear this cloth for their wedding in the hope of having a married life that is always well-off, happy and prosperous. It’s perfect if you give this cloth to your friend who is getting married soon.


This batik motif in ancient times was used by the royal family because this motif is considered sacred. The motifs on this cloth are wing-shaped like an eagle and by the Javanese are interpreted as symbols of the power and power of the king. Batik with this motif is often used also for brides. But, now many also make cloth with this motif for shirts and other types of clothing.




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