Medium, Material, and 2-Dimensional Fine Art Work Techniques

Before carrying out two-dimensional works of art, it is very important for you to have knowledge and understanding of various tools, materials and techniques commonly used in the practice of art work. You can only get to know the character of these materials, tools and techniques with practical activities. Try carrying out activities of appreciation of fine art with an applicative approach. Thus, besides the insight of your appreciation getting richer, your skills in creating fine arts will also be better.

Medium and Material of Fine Art
Artwork material is a consumable material used to realize that art work. In accordance with the diversity of types of works of art, the materials for creating art are also of many kinds and varieties, some of which serve as the main material (medium) and some are as supporting material. For example, artists usually make paintings using canvas and paint as the main material and wood and nails as supporting material. Wood is used as a frame material (spanram) to place the canvas and nails to attach the canvas to the frame’s wooden surface.
Materials for creating fine arts can be categorized into natural materials and synthetic materials based on the source of the ingredients and their processing. Natural raw materials are materials whose basic ingredients come from nature. These materials can be used directly without chemical processing in a factory or industry first. Processed raw materials are natural materials that have been processed through certain industrial or manufacturing processes into new materials that have special characteristics and characteristics. Based on its material properties, this fine art material can also be categorized into hard and soft materials, liquid materials and solid materials and so on.

Artwork Tools
Tools for creating fine art are of many types and varieties. Some works of art even have special equipment that is not used in other types of works. But there are also devices or materials that are used in almost all processes of creating fine arts. Stationery (drawing), for example, is the equipment used in the process of making almost all types of art, especially when making designs of that art.
In creating two-dimensional art, there are at least several categories of main devices for creating works, namely tools for forming, drawing and coloring and printing devices (duplicating). As well as materials, in addition to the main equipment category, we also know other auxiliary tools, namely tools whose designation is not specifically for visual arts work activities but are indispensable in fine arts work activities such as: cutting tools (knives and scissors), drying devices, measuring devices and so on. These tools are supporting to facilitate or expedite the process of making works.
Due to technological advances, at present all the functions of the devices used in creating visual arts are relatively computer-intensive. Even so, it is important to realize that a computer is only an auxiliary device. Artwork, however, requires sensitivity to taste that is difficult to produce by computer programs. Taste sensitivity is a unique and unique competency that is only possessed by humans, different from one person to another.

Fine Art Work Techniques
In making pure or applied works of art technical skills are needed to use devices and process materials to realize objects in the field of cultivation. For example, to realize an object in a painting, an artist or a painting artist is required to master technical skills using a device (brush) and processing materials (paint) on a canvas (medium). A sculptor is required to master technical skills using sculpting devices and processing wood materials to create sculptural works.
There are also works of art that are named after the main techniques used in its manufacture. Batik art, for example, shows the types of works of art made with batik techniques, as well as weaving crafts, to name the types of works of art made with weaving techniques.
Various types and characteristics of materials used in creating fine arts require various tools and techniques to process them. A technique of creating fine arts might be specifically used as the main technique in realizing one type of art but may also be used to realize another type of art.



Art material is substances, raw materials or tools used by an artist to create an artwork.

We will provide information, what materials are normally used by an artist in creating their art and also information about new materials which are innovations in the art world.

As we all know, the world is developing very rapidly, as well as in the material world of art.

Knowing the existence of new material in the art world can help artists create more innovative artworks.