Very Exotic Sculpture Carving from Bali

Bali has sculptural handicrafts that cannot be underestimated, various carvings and handicrafts are growing and developing well, especially with the community’s needs increasing, one of which is in demand is wood carving, almost every village and region in Bali has the results this gracious.
Balinese handicrafts such as sculpture carving, indeed require special skills, in addition to the intention, interest and perseverance you have to enjoy this art, so that the results of his work are better. For Bali, which has a name or is an icon of carving is Gianyar Regency, famous for its high-quality carving.

The demand for sculpture carving is indeed only certain people, such as in building ornaments with traditional carving art, handicrafts are intended as a complement to residential ornaments, such as decorations or decorations, there are also for purposes of temples or merajan, besides that of course okeh foreign tourists interested too. As a tourist destination, the results of this art work are very interesting for travelers.

The need for sculptural works in Bali, making these handicrafts develop very well, the artwork is also more creative and innovative, the use of ornaments like this has never been timeless by the transition of the era that is always changing.
One of the villages in the Gianyar Regency which has been a wooden statue craftsman to date is the village of Mas, this place is a tourist attraction that is in demand by tourists and an alternative tour destination when traveling to the Kintamani route.

For the art of carving wooden sculptures in Bali which is famous is the village of Mas, Kec. Ubud, Gianyar. Located about 20 km from Denpasar, if you take a tour or rent a car, pass the monumental baby statue at the T-junction of the village of Sakah and go straight north.
Entering the village of Mas, a row of sculpture carvings is seen in the artshop left and right of the road. The characteristics of the work of maestros in this village are naturalism with humanism characteristics.
It is possible that the blood of art from the ancient royal era that ruled here before, namely Prince Mas, flowed into this village, so that most of the residents of this tourist village of Mas became craftsmen carving wooden statues. Famous maestros born here include; I Nyoman Togog, Ida both Nyana and Ida both Tilem.

The material used by the carvers comes from wood that thrives on this island, but there are also some wood imported from outside Bali, the results have penetrated into the international market, exported to European countries, so the name of the village of Mas as a craftsman carving wooden sculptures become famous.
The choice of prices varies greatly depending on the results of the craft, both in terms of the value of the basic materials used and the artistic value produced. For the purposes of souvenirs the price offered is quite cheap but there are also those who can drain the contents of the wallet.
Indeed this village as a center of craftsmen and sculpture trade in Bali, various kinds of artshops are here, you can find sculptors and watch how the process works. If you are an art lover, make the time to stop by on a tour to the village of Mas.

If you are a lover of sculpture carving while on holiday to Bali, also schedule a tour in Bali you visit the village of Mas, here you can see these craftsmen creating, creating high-quality works of art.



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